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We are Salesarcher!

Salesarcher was established by a team of professionals who have more than 5 years experience of call center development and sales, consulting for existing contact centers and helping them boost their sales and reach new heights predominantly in the area of online trading. Our vast knowledge of financial markets and enormous sales practice has given us a perfect recognition in the industry.

We entered the international online sales industry in 2010, working as sales representatives in online credit issuance company, etc. Quickly rising to the top of the career advancement, we eventually received a solid groundwork of customer retention in world’s leading online trading institutions, gaining success in team building and pushing the sales team to operate above predicted goals. Our deep knowledge of the financial markets helped us build a contact center model that many view as an example of how the industry should be build, while huge experience in customer retention and sales made us realize how the needs of the customers should be fulfilled.

We launched Salesarcher as growing demand for online sales gave us idea how many companies can expand their business by outsourcing sales to 3-rd party partners. We have professional teams of sales people all having at least 5 years of experience in online sales and customer retention, making Salesarcher a best choice for both start-ups and existing brands in the industry.

  • Consulting & Systems Integration
  • Education & Training
  • Management & Development
  • Sales Solutions